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Green Chile Stew with Chicken – Stop Motion Video Recipe

Food Nerd – Green Chile Stew with Chicken:

In this episode of the Food Nerd, Rudy whips up a family favorite, Green Chile Stew. As always, the recipe is made from scratch, using only fresh ingredients. This is a New Mexican staple dish.

Growing Up and Green Chile

My life at 16 was different than most. My mom, a career government worker, traveled regularly as part of her job. There were periods when she was gone 2 weeks out of every month. My brother Daniel would stay with his dad and I was left to my own devices. As a young person with very little in the way of common sense, this amount of freedom was a blessing as well as a curse.

Green Chile Stew with chicken is what I remember most from my teenage years, my mom would make a big pot of it before she went out of town. I loved it, and she always made just enough to last until she returned home. My version somehow just doesn’t match up. When she makes it now, I am instantly transported to 1989.

Here is Green Chile Stew (with chicken)