Shawarma – Video Recipe

Food Nerd – Shawarma:

For this episode of The Food Nerd, Rudy recreates a favorite that he first encountered on a vacation to Amsterdam. He starts from scratch, using fresh lamb and other ingredients. Enjoy!

Dutch December by Rudy

The Food Nerd in Amsterdam - Shawarma
Amsterdam Row Homes

We visited Amsterdam after two weeks exploring South Africa. Christmas Day was spent in a Dramamine haze visiting Robbin Island near Cape Town, followed by several margaritas and deep philosophical conversation about destiny vs. the beauty of randomness. We left Cape Town the next day in the early summer and arrived in a Netherlands winter 12 hours later. It was snowing and very cold, our Africa tans were very conspicuous.

It was probably only ten minutes after I finished hauling 100 lbs of luggage up a very steep staircase to our rented apartment that I was on the streets of Amsterdam, GPS in my hand and a head full of dreams.

(skipping the rated R parts……)

Suddenly, I found myself quite hungry. After two weeks of eating African food, my tolerance for previously unsavory foods was very high. I had endured the African cheeseburger, loved Ox tail stew, developed an unhealthy attachment to biltong and instant coffee. A lamb sandwich was definitely within my newly expanded palette. Shawarma was everywhere, but most importantly there was one right near our building, conveniently located directly next door to my favorite coffee shop. My life would never be the same. I may have eaten the equivalent of an entire lamb during my six days in the ‘Dam.

This is my take on shawarma, I hope you enjoy.